Kroft Nurseries


         Here at Kroft Nurseries I use quality materials and time to bring dolls to life.  I start out with a kit or collectable baby doll and meticulously paint it with Heat Set paints, root it with the finest needles and weight it to a relistic feel and weight.  When I'm done you no longer have a play doll, you have a collectable reborn baby that will last generations and provide lots of cuddles and joy.   From preemies to toddlers, there's a baby for everyone to love.

         On my gallery page you can see my past work.  If you have any questions or comments you can contact me on my contact page or email me at  On my product page you'll find price quotes and information about my services, and on my About Us page you'll find out my history and why I started reborning babies.  Take a look around. 

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